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    We often don’t know that material is coming until it shows up at our work site. How can C2C help with this?

    • The C2C Shippers Portal enables the project manager, or anyone with a need to know, to see the status of all orders. This helps your project manager to manage his work schedule and available resources.


    We had a lot of material on the last two projects that went to the wrong site or did not show up at all. How can C2C help with problems like this?

    • That is very common with manually managed materials and logistics processes. C2C ensures that all material is correctly identified before being shipped and has multiple checks and balances to ensure it is shipped to the correct location. When used correctly it is impossible to ship material to the wrong location or not include it.

    We receive material in dozens of cases or boxes and don’t know exactly what is in each box or container. How does C2C manage that?

    • C2C can track material eight levels deep by tying all material to a container designator in a parent-child type of structure. Upon receiving a shipment you will have a packing report that details exactly what is in each container by the type of over-packing. You then scan each container to verify that is the right box.

    We re-order material that we know was received and should be in our yard somewhere but can’t find it. Does C2C offer any assistance after material is received?

    • Yes, our Site Material Management solution tracks material anywhere on your work site. Your material is already identified and coded which means little unless you are able to interpret the codes. Yard Site Material Management enables you to use that coded material and place it anywhere on the yard and keep track of its location even if it is moved. We can incorporate RFID into the process as well.

    What if we plan to own our inventory management system?

    • Our C2C Job Site Portal provides you an electronic packing list tying back to the coded material for that specific purpose.

    Is there any way you can help with our 3 way matching process? The proof of receipt is a manual and time consuming process?

    • Yes, the C2C Job Site Portal provides an electronic packing list that enables you to pull that information into your accounting system to match against the purchase order and invoice.

    Our 3PL receives material constantly that they can’t identify. Is there anything C2C can do to help with that?

    • Yes, HAL created the C2C Vendor Portal to engage the manufacturer or original supplier who is best qualified to identify their material. They can print off a bar code label right in their office and apply it to that piece and then enter the description, weight, dimensions, value, the P.O. number and how it is packed. When it arrives at your 3PL they scan it and know exactly what it is and what they are supposed to do with it.


    Can C2C help with RFID for asset management?

    • Yes, C2C can use the RFID chip unique item designator in place of the bar code and track its location as it normally would.

    We use a project management program to manage each project. Can C2C interface with that?

    • Yes, we can provide critical information such as expected delivery dates into project management programs like Primavera.

    Is there any way we could involve our vendor in the supply chain process like to code the material they are sending us with a reference to our purchase order number?

    • Yes, the C2C Vendor Portal does just that, it engages the party that is best capable of identifying the material they are sending you and at the front of the supply chain so that you can see in C2C that it has been shipped and when it is expected to arrive.

    It would be great if our project manager could see all the way through the supply chain and actually release material for shipment he was ready for when he saw it was received. Is that possible?

    • Yes, the C2C Shippers Portal does just that. C2C actually serves as a collaboration hub where everyone can see the exact same thing and communicate with each other. A project manager half way around the world at 3am Central can give instructions to the 3PL to release for shipment certain parts of the purchase order and not others to help him manage his project.

    Is there any way we can tie the material to the drawings or blueprints that originated it?

    • Yes, we can reference the page of the drawings for each piece of material so that your work crew can more easily understand how and where each piece is to be used.

    What about reporting?

    • C2C provides over 60 standard reports that enable you to capture a wide range of information such as OS&D by vendor and true landed cost of each item. We can also develop ad hoc reports to help you capture the information you need.


    Can we install C2C on our servers or does it operated in a hosted environment?

    • C2C operates hosted in our landscape due to the different applications required to operate it. It would be extremely expensive to replicate our environment to operate internally for a customer.


    How does your pricing work?

    • There is a one-time set up fee based upon the amount of time to configure the system for your use and a monthly recurring charge based upon the number of concurrent users using the different C2C solutions.


    How long does it take to implement C2C and get it ready for use?

    • Normally it takes less than sixty days from the time of the agreement to have C2C ready for your use. We will configure it to your requirements based upon our discovery. This includes training.

    How do I get my people trained?

    • Training is normally conducted by HAL training personnel at your location over a period of several days depending on the number of people being trained and the solutions they will be using. We use a train the trainer approach so that when we leave you have several people that can assist new employees that will be using C2C.

    How is the business case built to support the C2C project?

    • Most companies that engage us with have had bad experiences on some of their projects resulting in delays and excessive cost. These experiences usually range from lost material, supplies that have gone to the wrong location, difficulty finding material on site they know they received and poor execution due to the lack of supply chain visibility. These costs on capital projects are usually very expensive. Some EPCs have estimated as much as 1% of the total project.