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Now that your project has been approved and you’ve selected a project manager, how do you guarantee the delivery of all needed material at the project site at the right time? When C2C® is used by you and your supply chain partners, you will get unmatched visibility and material management. With C2C®, you don’t have to log on to a different web site for each one of your 3PL’s, forwarders, or packers. Their copy of C2C® can talk to your copy of C2C®, giving you real time visibility and interaction with all of your partners.

HAL’s unique project logistics focus gives our customers unprecedented capabilities to keep their projects on time and under budget, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings across all parties.

Ken Long
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Key Benefits

  • Run your logistics as projects
  • Material visibility from product vendor to project site
  • Logistics provider and product vendor performance reporting
  • True landed cost of goods at the item level
  • Ability to interact with your partners through C2C®


C2C® leverages the ability to communicate with other installations of C2C®. By connecting C2C® with your logistics suppliers, you instantly receive real-time vital information about your project freight throughout the entire supply chain. Most importantly, this consolidated view across logistics providers finally lets you view your supply chain on a project basis. More than just a consolidated view, C2C® lets you interact with your logistics provider, helping them address your changing needs such as:

  • Changing shipping modes to get material moved faster or cheaper
  • Releasing key material for packing and shipping
  • Addressing OS&D issues
  • Track every carton, container, box, or line item back to the original purchase order
  • Track all material as it moves through multiple warehouses and countries
  • Finding a single piece of material, no matter how many levels deep it is packed within a container or crate