Project Managers

On time and under budget. Those are the words you live by and what keeps you awake at night. The project won’t be on time or under budget if the critical material doesn’t make the project site when you need it to. Thousands of parts from around the globe that must arrive at exactly the right time being moved by different providers. In addition, you must get the material moved at the most cost effective price. It is a complex process, but we’re here to help. C2C® gives you the three keys to project logistics: transparency, flexibility, and analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to interact with your partners in the system
  • Supply chain transparency from product vendor to project site
  • Logistics provider and product vendor performance reporting
  • Real time cost analysis including landed cost of goods


Transparency – The first question with project freight is always “Where is it?” C2C® gives you the unique ability to view all your freight in one place, no matter how many different providers you are using. C2C® can do this because of two reasons: It is built to talk to other copies of itself and most of the major project based shippers use C2C®. This eliminates the need to go to several different internet sites just to track your material.

Flexibility - As your logistics providers move freight using C2C®, you have the ability to not only view it from a single location but to actually interact with your provider. For example, you can change the mode from air freight to ocean freight to save money. You can also review all freight that is ready to be shipped and approve it for packing. This gives you a single location to manage all your freight.

Analysis – As you get ready for a new project, have you ever wondered which supplier had the least amount of OS&D material in your past projects? Or which logistics provider had the best performance at the best price? C2C® gives you the ability to analyze these metrics along with several others so you can make the best decisions as to who you want to partner with for each project.