Project Logistics Provider

HAL’s C2C® is the industry leading project supply chain management system. C2C® is currently being used by 4 of the top 6 3PL’s worldwide. At the core of the system is the ability to manage material at the line item level as it moves through the global supply chain. C2C® is the perfect solution for any 3PL that currently handles or plans to enter the project freight business.

HAL’s system took 7 days out of our billing cycle and reduced errors by 30%

Dan Hedges, VP/General Manager
LTSI/Northrup Grumman

Key Benefits

  • Win additional project business
  • Reduce Shipment Costs
  • Reduce Overhead Costs
  • Reduce Errors
  • Eliminate miss-shipments
  • Increase Productivity
  • Preserve Institutional Knowledge


C2C® is a single, integrated system that manages project freight through the entire supply chain. Bringing C2C® into your company will give you and your customers unparalleled visibility all the way from the receiving of purchase orders to site delivery. In addition, the process controls built into C2C® will give your company the ability to eliminate miss-shipments and handle more freight with less staff.

Material Line Item Management

When P.O. line item visibility and management must be maintained throughout the shipping cycle, C2C® gives you the process control you need to avoid costly mistakes while increasing customer service. C2C®’s ability to manage line items 3 levels deep provides your company with unprecedented granularity throughout the supply chain. Both you and your customers are able to see every item in the entire project at any point during the transport lifecycle.

Warehouse Inventory Control

Managing the warehouse is the core of your business. C2C®’s automated processes maximize your productivity and minimize your cost.

C2C® manages the entire warehouse lifecycle including:

  • Receiving
  • Line Item Checking
  • Put Away
  • Inventory
  • Picking
  • Packing-* 8 layers deep
  • Shipping
  • Problem tracking and resolution
  • Hazardous materials management

Fast and Efficient Cross Dock Processing

Whether you need to do simple cross docking, complex consolidations, or any combination thereof, C2C® can handle your cross docking methodology. Within a single system, you can seamlessly manage both cross dock and project freight. In fact, cross dock freight can be received, split, overpacked, and consolidated into a single container.


Our real time information flow enables you to proactively manage the process without adding resources. With integrated workflow, C2C® manages all material from issuance of the P.O. to customer delivery.

Freight Forwarding

The supply chain doesn’t stop at your warehouse and neither should your software. By using C2C®, you get a single point of control for your entire supply chain.

The benefits of a single system include:

  • Reduced cost of administration
  • Reduced training cost for your staff
  • Single source for performance reporting
  • No duplication of customer data
  • No custom interfaces to maintain

Why C2C®?

When you manage project freight, not any Supply Chain Management System will deliver what you need. C2C® was developed exclusively for project logistics and has been continually enhanced to meet our project customers growing needs. Here are several reasons why C2C® is different than other supply chain management systems:

  • C2C® manages material at the line item and sub-line item level
  • C2C® prevents cross packing and material miss-shipments
  • C2C® handles multiple levels of over packing
  • C2C® supports the verification and validation of cargo
  • All documentation is created dynamically
  • C2C® supports multi-Facility management
  • C2C® links all parties in project supply chain-Project Sponsor, Project Supplier, Project 3PL, and Project Manager