Hosted Solutions


While implementing C2C® will bring you many benefits, having to manage a new software application takes time and resources. In this day of keeping staff at a minimum while increasing customer satisfaction and revenues, outsourcing has been a logical choice for many processes. With this in mind, HAL has introduced C2C Online®. C2C Online® gives you the industry leading project logistics software delivered over the internet while eliminating the need to purchase hardware and install software at your site.

We moved to C2C Online® so we could get the benefits of C2C® in a short time frame without additional I.T. resources

Jared Jensen, President
Transaction Packing, Inc

Key Benefits

  • Global access for employees and customers through the internet
  • Reduced time to production
  • No servers or software to purchase and install
  • No software upgrades to perform
  • Leverage HAL’s technical expertise


C2C Online® gives you all the project logistics management functionality our customers have been getting for over 15 years, but with none of the technical installation requirements. Because C2C® was written to leverage the capabilities of the internet, C2C Online® has maintained all the functionality and ease of use our customers demand. From 3PL’s to Freight Forwarders to Export Packers to Project Managers, C2C Online® gives every party in the supply chain the visibility they require.

Technical Environment

Because project logistics is a 24×7 business, your software has to be available anytime, anywhere. To ensure the availability and performance of C2C Online® , HAL has built a fully redundant and hardened infrastructure. All the hardware and software for C2C Online® sits at a 3rd party SAS 70 certified collocation facility that has full network and power redundancy, giving you the peace of mind that the system will be available when you need it.