MEI Rigging & Crating Selects C2C

HAL, Inc. the leading provider of Project Logistics Software solutions for third party logistic providers and shippers is proud to announce that MEI Rigging & Crating has selected C2C Online as it’s solution for managing project based materials.  MEI Rigging and Crating provides rigging services, machinery moving, crane services, factory relocation and wooden crates, shipping crates and crating services for industrial and commercial clients.  A division of MEI LLC, In business since 1990, MEI continues serving satisfied customers around the world.   MEI Rigging & Crating has locations in Texas, Oregon, Arizona and Utah. Their experienced and well trained teams have a full inventory of specialized equipment for crating, moving or rigging your machine tools, production lines or equipment. They move whole factories or single pieces of equipment across a wide range of industries. They have experience in a broad range of environments, from production floors to cleanrooms; from medical buildings to industrial work sites.  They work locally, nationally and internationally.   MEI LLC is a leading manufacturer of Semiconductor Wet Bench Systems, Wet processing systems, Polysilicon cleaning systems and Chemical delivery systems.