Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

If project logistics was easy, any 3PL, freight forwarder or export packer could do it. If project logistics software was easy, every supply chain software vendor would have a system. The fact is, neither project logistics, or the software that supports it is easy. It is complex in many ways. Whether it be verifying and validating every piece of freight, tracking material at the line item or sub line item level, managing overpacked material 8 levels deep, or making sure that one piece of ultra important material be at a remote project site at exactly the right time. The one constant in project logistics is the complexity.

With that in mind, in 1992 HAL brought to market the only logistics software system in the world exclusively focused on projects. It gained a very large following and became the de facto standard in the industry. In fact, many project based shippers require the use of our system for all their logistics projects.

With the introduction of C2C®, we have taken project logistics software to the next level. C2C® contains all the knowledge we have collected over the years and is built with an easy to use web interface. It was also developed to enable every party in the project supply chain to have visibility to the material. Whether you are a large energy company who needs to have material sent around the globe, a project 3PL who needs a better way to manage project freight, or a project manager whose success partly depends on the material being at the project site at the right time, C2C® was built for you.