Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment Assembly / Re-assembly and Decommission / Re-commission

Whether it’s decommissioning a refinery for re-commission in a new location or shipping numerous sub components to be assembled on site, C2C can help manage your entire material management and logistics process.  You and your staff have complete visibility down to a PO sub line item level through the entire process with identification of each piece as it arrives from each supplier or manufacturer through how it is packed and shipped to dispatch to the work crews for construction.

C2C enables you to print unique labels for each piece while referencing the appropriate page of the blueprint and purchase order.  C2C then tracks exactly how it is packed – which piece is in what box, that is in which case within a carton all on the same pallet.  If necessary for export, C2C can record the weight and dimensions.

If it is an original assembly, your project manager from anywhere in the world can use the C2C Shippers Portal to see how many items have arrived and what is remaining.  He can tag those pieces that he would like released for shipment in the first phase of construction while watching for the remaining pieces as they come in.  As they arrive, he knows exactly what and where every piece is and can manage his project accordingly. He can scan the whole skid and have it placed in a location within C2C Site Materials Management or pull certain pieces and dispatch it to work crews who know exactly what each piece is and how it is to be used.  If workers fail to finish for an extended period you can re-issue some pieces back into inventory.